The African American Breastfeeding Network Inc. In was formed in 2008 to (1) address breastfeeding disparities (2) increase awareness of the benefits and value of mother’s milk, (3)build community allies, and (4) de-normalize formula use. Our mission is to promote breastfeeding as the natural and the best way to provide optimal nourishment to babies and young children.

breastfeeding law

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Child Care  & Work Place Support of Breastfeeding


"Breastfeeding Works for Working Mothers"

Employers with more than 50 employees are required to provide reasonable break times for nursing mothers to express milk, until the child is one year old.  They also have to provide a private space for pumping which is not a bathroom and is free from intrusion.  Click here for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions: Breaktime for Nursing Mothers

Reasonable Breaktime for Nursing Mothers.  It's the Law!  Download Pamphlet

Mother, Curtis Leslie, speaks on how AABN helped support her reach her breastfeeding goal.