Success Stories

We love hearing back from the families we serve. Here are a few stories that represent many worth celebrating!
You go mamas!!


“My husband and I first attended an AABN Community Breastfeeding Gathering during our second pregnancy. We received some great information that helped us have breastfeeding success. Once we became pregnant with our third child we returned to the CBG’s for additional support. It was nice to meet other pregnant mothers as well as talk to breastfeeding mothers about barriers and ways to resolve them. We made the decision to become a breastfeeding family because it’s the way nature intended it. My husband was a breastfed baby and I received a lot of support from him and my mother-in-law. I encourage mothers to breastfeed because it helped me return to my pre-pregnancy size and gave me a chance to bond with my baby. I also feel a sense of control when it comes to providing nutrition to my baby.”

- Elizabeth Rimmer


“I enjoyed attending AABN Community Breastfeeding Gatherings because I connected with mothers who were also nursing premature babies. I was able to network and learn what worked for them during their breastfeeding journey. I want to continue to offer my child breast milk until he is one years old. I currently have less than 60 days to achieve that goal and AABN has helped guild my journey to continued breastfeeding success.”

- Kamonti McFarlane


Doss and Mom.jpg

“Hearing success stories from other mothers helped me build my confidence.  I felt a sister-connection and the atmosphere made me feel comfortable.”

- Martketealla Doss-Spruell


“I was really impressed with the session for the fathers.  I loved that my fiancé was able to attend a class with other fathers.“

- SerinaRodriquez


Thank you AABN families for sharing your success stories with us!